Friday, July 8, 2011

This week I'm...

Loving: The weekend is here again, thank goodness!
Disliking: A very rainy forecast starting on Sunday. It's been so nice this past week.
Craving: Pierogi. Luckily the cancelled Pierogi Fest is currently being re-scheduled. Hopefully, sooner than later!
Hoping: The next few weeks go by fast, August is going to be a really good month so I'm rushing July along.
Reading:  I just finished Witches of East End this week. It was really good, I'm so glad I have a new series to read. The only bad thing is that I have to wait a year for the next one!
Watching: One of our favorite shows, Flipping Out started this week. Jeff Lewis is crazy!
Listening to: Fireworks going off all week long. The 4th is over people, save your fireworks for next year!
Looking forward to: A weekend with no plans!
Hearing buzz about: Obviously the buzz this week has been about the Casey Anthony trial. So heartbreaking. I saw this on Jen Lancaster's Facebook and I thought it was genius. "If you hate this verdict (and I know you do) don't allow the defense to profit from it. Don't buy their books, don't see their movie, don't watch them on interview shows. Capitalism isn't the last line of defense, but in this instance it might be the only one."

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