Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Our Labor Day Weekend Recap

Ahhh....if only every weekend could be a 4-day weekend. I would start the week so refreshed! We had a wonderful holiday weekend. The weather was amazing. I love this time of year with the transition from summer to fall. We get some of the most beautiful days in the 70's and 80's, I love it! On Friday, I was off of work which was so nice. I got up and got started right away. I wanted to try and get all of the house things done so I wasn't working on them all weekend. After getting the house in shape I went out to do a little shopping. This is what I came home with...

Our new Christmas tree!

Yes I know it is sick and twisted to even be thinking about Christmas in September but I found what I wanted and got a really good deal, thanks to a 40% off coupon. After the Christmas tree crash of 2009, we decided we were no longer going to get a fresh tree every year. I looked during Christmas last year and after the season for an artificial tree but I couldn't find what I wanted. I wanted an 8 or 9 foot tree pre-lit but with colored lights not white. Almost all of the pre-lit trees have white lights and that's just not my thing. When I spotted this beauty at Hobby Lobby, I knew she was the one. Our new tree is 9' tall and slim cut so it's not super wide, only 44". It's perfect. And don't worry, it is sitting in a box in the garage, not set-up in the living room!

On Saturday, I got up and worked out and then we grabbed some breakfast. After breakfast, I headed to Rich and Tif's house to meet up with Tif and her mom to head to Schaumburg's Septemberfest. We wanted to get there as soon as it opened before it got to busy. The weather was beautiful and I was just happy to be out walking outside. We walked around the fest and the craft fair checking out all of the goods.

 The craft fair - it was a beautiful day!

  Baby Jacob had a day out with the ladies and he slept right through it!

I found a few cute things for Halloween and I got a really cute magnet board to hang in my new office at work.

Pumpkin bucket for the entryway table

Ghost for the front door

Trick or treat sign for in front of the house

Magnet board for my new office

After the craft show I did a little more shopping but didn't really find anything. I headed home and then Michael and I headed out to do some grocery shopping to get supplies for parties on Sunday and Monday. Saturday night we just cooked some dinner and relaxed. 

On Sunday, we got up and headed to breakfast. After breakfast we came home to prepare some appetizers for Arla and Teddy's. We headed over to their house around 11:00 to spend the day with the family. We haven't all been together in about a month so it was nice to finally have us all together.We were originally supposed to swim, but it definitely wasn't warm enough. It was still beautiful out though and we spent almost the whole day sitting outside enjoying it. We made a bunch of appetizers for lunch and then for dinner Arla made ribs and corn and mom brought beans and potato salad. It was delicious!

A yummy Labor Day feast!

After dinner we played a really fun game called Creationary. It was a really fun Lego game mixed with Pictionary where you had to build what was on the card you picked out of Legos and everyone had to guess what it was. Michael was the big winner, but it was a tight race between him and Arla. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot as always!

Mom building her creation as Dad and Teddy try to figure out what it is

After Michael was declared the big winner, it was time for dessert! Dad had stopped and got all of us Rainbow Cones! For those of you that aren't Southsiders, you probably have no idea what these are and you are missing out. They are at the Taste of Chicago but their original store is on the Southside of Chicago. It is a very random combination of ice cream and sherbet but when they combine together, it is delicious!

After dessert, we hung out for a little while longer before we headed home. We came home and crashed for the night. 

Yesterday I got up and had some breakfast and then worked out. After my workout, we started getting ready for our little Labor Day get together we were hosting. We had Michael's family over for a seafood boil. The best part about the seafood boil is that it is really easy. All you need is some crab, shrimp, corn, potatoes and sausage and a very large pot! We ran out to the store to get some last minute items and got everything prepped and ready to go. It took a very long time to come to a boil so we munched on some cheese and crackers and visited. While we were talking our power went out! Luckily our stove is gas so the boil continued on!

This little guy took a nap

Finally the water started boiling so we threw in the potatoes and corn and then added the sausage. After those were cooked we threw in the crab and shrimp for just a few minutes. The power came back on just in time to warm up some biscuits and then it was time to eat!

Michael dumped it all out on the paper lined table so everyone could dig in!


After dinner, I took some shots of Jacob before we sat outside and ate some chocolate cake and ice cream that Michael's mom brought. It was so gorgeous outside.

After everyone's bellies were full we sat outside for a little longer before everyone headed home. Our long weekend is over and everyone is back to work today. We had such a nice weekend. It was nice and low key and no big projects this weekend. Michael was thankful for that! Next weekend is our last free weekend before things start getting very busy around the love nest. We have lots of fun things to look forward to! I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and enjoys the short week ahead!

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