Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

Another weekend is in the books. We had a really nice low-key weekend. On Friday I worked from home so it was nice to be able to work out before getting to work. I was able to wrap up a couple more projects so it was a very productive day. I also got to have lunch with my favorite lunch partner which is always a nice treat!

The phone is always close by!

After work on Friday we got ready to go out and met up Michael's mom along with Rich, Tif, Baby Jacob and Ken out for sushi. We tried a new place this time called Kinta Sushi. It was really good! They had a lot of unique rolls. Our favorite was the King Kong roll, it was delicious.

The King Kong roll, yum!

After dinner we headed over to Rich and Tif's where the boys played some poker and Tif and I hung out with Baby Jacob. We headed home after a few hours and crashed.

On Saturday we slept in a little since we got home late and then met Rich, Tif, Baby Jacob and Ken out for some breakfast. We had fun as always and laughed a lot thanks to Michael's shenanigans! Michael needed to wipe some ketchup off of his plate so he wiped it off with a napkin and then proceeded to place the ketchup filled napkin in Ken's coffee cup that he was using! Oops! And then Tif spilled a glass of water and it mostly spilled all over her lap and Michael grabs one of the other napkins on the table, but not to give to Tif but to wipe his mouth since he had already used his napkin! Rude! He claims he didn't know Tif spilled her water but it seems sketchy. 

After breakfast Michael and I headed to do our grocery shopping for the week. We got done quick and headed home in the rain. Since we didn't have any plans and it was raining out we decided to have a Harry Potter movie marathon while I put up the Fall and Halloween decorations. We only got through 3 of the movies but all of the decorations are up! I'm going to do a full post on the decorations this week but here's a sneak peek!

The living room all decked out

While I was putting the decorations up, the doorbell rang and a very large box was waiting for me when I opened the door. I had no idea what it was since I hadn't ordered anything recently so I was puzzled. When I opened the box it all made sense. I had ordered a lamp in June and it finally came. It had been so long I had forgotten about it! It kept being put on longer and longer back order. I unpacked it and put it together and it was worth the wait, I think it looks great!

We really needed some more light in here. I love that it arches over the couch

I realized that I never put a picture of the completed side table that Michael put together for me this week either. I got this table on The table is really solid and matches the rest of our furniture perfectly.

The completed end table

By the time the afternoon was over all of the decorations were up, it looks so festive! I sat down to relax and Michael got a call from Rich asking if we wanted to go to dinner to Wildfire. You know I'm not going to turn down dinner at Wildfire! I got up and showered and got ready for dinner. We met up with Rich, Tif, Ken and his sister Kristin. Dinner was amazing as usual, I got the Saturday night special which is filet wellington and it was superb. The only bad thing was a our waitress. It took us almost 3 hours for dinner, it was crazy! However, Kristin talked to a very nice manager and they remedied the situation. After dinner Michael and I headed home and relaxed for a little bit before calling it a night. 

Today we got up early and after a workout we headed out to breakfast. After breakfast I got ready and had to head to a baby shower. I picked my mom up on my way and we headed to my Aunt Diane's house. We were honoring my cousin Chris's wife, Sara. She is due October 3. She looked great and it was so nice to catch up with everyone. I feel like I haven't seen much of my extended family since Easter. 

Me holding Cole, one of Andrea's twin boys, he has such cute curly hair!
Arla with Cole, check out those blue eyes!

We had a delicious lunch and some super yummy cake before it was time to play some games and open up gifts.

Arla, me, the hostess Aunt Diane and Mom in the background

The parents-to-be Chris and Sara

 One of the coolest gifts they received, a handmade quilt with a "Very Hungry Catepillar" theme, it was so cute!

They got so many nice things and said that they really felt set after the shower was over. They only have a few short weeks left. It was such a nice shower, I can't wait to meet the little one. I'm especially excited to find out if it's a boy or a girl! After the shower I dropped my mom off and then headed home. 

Tonight we are just relaxing as usual. I made some baked mostaccioli for Sunday dinner and it was yummy!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a speedy week ahead! I'm looking forward to a 4-day week!

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