Friday, December 9, 2016

25 Days of Christmas: Day 9 - Pre-K Gingerbread Decorating

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be able to help in Ethan's Pre-K classroom to make gingerbread houses. They used milk cartons for the structure, which they frosted, and then put graham crackers on the carton before decorating it!

20 eager, smiling faces!

They were very serious and worked hard to spread that frosting! It was so fun to watch all of them approach it differently.

 After frosting, they applied the graham crackers, Ethan may have sampled some after building!

Then they covered the crackers in frosting again so they could decorate the house with candy!

 Ready for the candy!

Candy chaos, obviously their favorite part! Lots of sampling was happening during this step!

Ethan was very methodical and meticulous about how he played his candies.

All of the finished houses!

Ethan's finished house with KitKats and M&M's of course!

Me and my little man

He was very proud!

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