Saturday, December 3, 2016

25 Days of Christmas: Day 3 - Jingle Bells the Elf

Our elf Jingle Bells returned to our home the day after Thanksgiving and has been having a lot of fun so far this year! So far he has arrived by hot air balloon, gone hot tubbing, taught Ethan and Sofia about reindeer games, hid candy canes, brought pajamas, brought advent calendars, got tied to train tracks, went on a zip line and fixed our North Pole Communicator.

Jingle Bells had trouble finding our new house but luckily Mrs. Claus provided him with a map and directions to find us. 

Hot tubbing

Reindeer games

Jingle Bells hid 12 candy canes for the kiddos to find

Jingle Bells brought new Christmas pajamas for the kiddos

This is what happens to Jingle Bells when Mama is out of town and Dado is in charge. FYI: He didn't leave the knife for the kiddos, he just wanted me to panic and sent me the picture because he thinks he's funny! LOL

Jingle Bells brought advent calendars to countdown to Christmas

Jingle Bells went for a zip line ride

Jingle Bells fixed our broken North Pole Communicator so the kiddos could talk to Santa.

It's so much fun to see Ethan and Sofia's reactions every day when they see what our elf has been up to. I want to cherish every year of magic I can so I love doing fun things like this for my kiddos. I'll be sure to give another update later this month with what Jingle bells has been up to!

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