Wednesday, December 7, 2016

25 Days of Christmas: Day 7 - Ethan and Sofia's Wish Lists

Ethan and Sofia have their wish lists all ready! Here are the things that Santa, our families and we might be gifting to Ethan and Sofia this year. They are definitely not getting all of this, these were just the ideas!


Ethan is asking Santa for the Code-a-Pillar and a mailbox. We don't know where the mailbox came from but he has been steadfast in wanting to ask Santa for one. Ethan is very much into building and other STEM activities so things like LEGO, magna tiles and marble run are high on his list. He is still very much into space as well so the rockets, puzzle and stickers help fuel that interest. He's been starting to become interested in magic, so a magic set and magicians costume were added to his list. He always loves anything to do with crafts, coloring, play doh and games. He is still in love with books and is right on the edge of reading on his own so story books as well as some early reader books round out his wish list. 


Sofia is asking Santa for a trampoline and Trolls toys. She saw the Trolls movie a few weeks ago and has been obsessed every since. She asks for "Trolls Songs," which is the movie soundtrack and carries her Poppy stuffed animal everywhere. There are several Troll themed gifts on her wish list, including a Poppy dress up outfit that would be adorable on! Sofia is very interested in building and loves playing with the magnet blocks like magna tiles and LEGO duplos are on her list. She is still very much into anything baby related so doll clothes, a dog with puppies inside, a unicorn baby that drinks a bottle are all up her alley. She really loves crafty things like painting, stickers and play doh. Story time is her favorite part of the day so there are many books on her list. She loves to read just like her brother!

I'm looking forward to seeing which of these things the kiddos end up getting and I can't wait to see their faces when they open them!

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