Wednesday, December 21, 2016

25 Days of Christmas: Day 21 - New Ornament Additions

Every year we always add to our ornament collection. Some are series we are continuing from Hallmark, some are gifts, and some are vacation souvenirs. I've picked out a few of our favorites that we added this year to give you a closer look!

This one is probably my favorite this year since it represents moving into our new home. Each year we pick one ornament to showcase on this ornament hanger and this was the winner.

Of course I have to include our family ornament that we made this year!

We've had this red piano that plays 3 Christmas songs for several years and the kiddos love it. Hallmark came out with a new one this year with new songs and knew we had to have it so they could each have a piano. They are obsessed with pressing the songs and dancing to them!

Trolls has been a big hit in our house the past couple of months so this was Sofia's ornament this year!

I love the ornaments Ethan and Sofia picked out at the Christkindlemarket this year, it was such a fun day and a memory I won't forget!

Of course we had to get an ornament to commemorate the Cubs winning the World Series!

I love this ornament my parents got us at Walt Disney World this year! I can't wait to pick out some new ones when we go next year too!

I love all of the homemade ornaments that the kiddos have made on the tree. Ethan made this snowman this year and it is one of my favorites!

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