Sunday, December 18, 2016

25 Days of Christmas: Day 18 - Christmas Baking

Yesterday we did some Christmas baking! We made sugar cut out cookies to make a Christmas tree with a set of star cookie cutters we got from Michael's parents. I've done this with Ethan the past two years and he's always loved it. This was Sofia's first year getting in on the cookie action and she was happy to be at the party!

I pre-baked all of the star cookies while the kids were napping so everything was cooled and ready to go after they woke up. Then we started assembling the stars to make our tree. Ethan and Sofia took turns adding layers. They had a lot of fun spreading the frosting and Sofia really liked tasting the frosting too!

Once we built the tree it was time to decorate it. The kiddos used M&M's to look like ornaments and sprinkles to look like snow. I also added dollops of white frosting on the tips of the tree to look snowy. I think more M&M's went in their mouths than on the tree but that's all part of the fun!

All done!

After the tree we decorated cookies for Santa who will be here in just 7 days!

Ready for Santa, I hope he likes sprinkles, HA!

Frosting face!

We also made a couple other treats to have for our Christmas celebrations.

Triple chocolate peanut clusters

And crispy peanut butter balls

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