Thursday, December 22, 2016

25 Days of Christmas: Day 22 - Fun with Jingle Bells the Elf

We have been having so much fun with our elf, Jingle Bells, this year! Ethan and Sofia run downstairs every morning to see what he has been up to over night. Since our elf will be returning home to the North Pole Christmas Eve night until next year, I thought I would provide an update on all of the fun things he has done this month!

Jingle Bells turned us all into Rudolph by adding red noses to our picture!

Jingle Bells made himself an igloo.

Jingle Bells was feeling a little short around us so he got himself a set of stilts!

Jingle Bells delivered some naughty list notices for Ethan and Sofia for bad behavior!

Jingle Bells left a puzzle for Ethan and Sofia to come find him.

They found him and this is also the day Ethan touched Jingle Bells so he lost his magic for a couple of days.

Jingle Bells came back from the elf hospital in the North Pole.

Jingle Bells made a snow angel with marshmallows.

Jingle Bells was feeling Joyful.

Jingle Bells made himself a hammock under the tree.

To celebrate Ethan's last day of Pre-K for the year, Jingle Bells wrapped up Ethan's backpack.

Jingle Bells brought the kiddos a countdown chain to celebrate only 10 days until Christmas.

Jingle Bells covered himself in stickers and brought the kiddos some fun sticker books to play with.

Jingle Bells was ready to bake cookies!

Jingle Bells donned a beard like Santa to celebrate the kiddos going to see him at the Santa Brunch.

Jingle Bells hanging out in Ethan's stocking.

Jingle Bells made himself a snow globe.

Jingle Bells teepeed our Christmas tree

Jingle Bells roasted marshmallows on our dining room table

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