Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday weekend recap

Well another year older and another weekend in the books. I had a great birthday weekend, I have the best family and friends a girl could ask for. On Friday, Michael picked me up from the train station and we went and grabbed some dinner. After dinner we headed over to Rich and Tif's to hang out with them baby Jacob and Ken. We just talked and relaxed and of course got some baby Jacob time in. We left around 10 and headed home.

On Saturday, my birthday, we got up and went to breakfast. After breakfast I went and did some shopping. I found a couple cute birthday outfits and finally found some jeans that fit. Ever since losing weight I have had the hardest time finding jeans that fit my body and are long enough. After shopping I came home and made us lunch and we just relaxed. I also got my birthday presents from Michael. He spoiled me as usual, even though I told him I didn't want him to get me anything. There were a lot of blue boxes, my favorite! He got me a few pieces to add to or complete some of my existing Tiffany collections.

He got me these medallion earrings in silver to go with my ring.

He got me an extra large heart tag to wear with my key.

Lastly, he got me the necklace that matches my earrings and ring he's gotten me our past two wedding anniversaries.

On Saturday night we met up with my parents at Flat Top for dinner. I love their stir fry and it was so good. We had fun just talking and having a yummy meal. 

Michael and I at dinner

After dinner, Michael and I walked around and did a little shopping before heading home. It was a great night. 

Today we got up and went to breakfast and then went grocery shopping. After grocery shopping we carved our pumpkins we got last weekend! I had picked a template I got from HGTV for my pumpkin and Michael had seen a picture of what he wanted to do online. I set up my tripod for my camera and got out my remote so I could take pictures of all the carving action!

 Our pumpkins "before"

Ready to start carving!

Eww...pumpkin guts

Very serious carving going on

Michael's pumpkin has a face!

My owl is finished! Michael is busy gluing candy corn

Time to start on Porkchop's gourd...Michael is still gluing

My pumpkins are finished!

Michael is still gluing!

You've heard of candy corn head!

Our finished pumpkins

Michael and his candy corn head creation

Me and my owl pumpkin

Porkchop and his gourd

Our little family

 Our pumpkins all lit up at night

For dinner, we got together to celebrate my birthday with Michael's parents and Grandma, Rich, Tif, Baby Jacob, Tif's parents and her brother and girlfriend, Ken and his parents and sister. We all headed to Texas de Brazil for a meat bonanza! Everything was really yummy and it was way too much food of course. We had a lot of fun.

 Everyone eagerly awaiting the meat to be carved off the spit!

Jacob and his Mimi, too bad he couldn't join in the meat fest!

Michael and I

I really had a great birthday weekend and I'm sad it's over. I have a really busy week coming up at work. I have a 3 day conference Monday through Wednesday so I have some long days ahead of me. However, I'm working from home on Thursday and taking off Friday since I wasn't able to take off last Friday for my birthday. Blog posts will probably be pretty scarce this week, but I'll be back next weekend. Have a great week ahead everyone!

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