Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A conversation in the love nest at 3:15 am

Some of you might have seen on Facebook this morning that our fire alarm went off at 3:15 am this morning. This might not seem like that big of a deal but when you have 16 foot cathedral ceilings in your bedroom and you don't own a ladder, it really sucks. I have to capture this moment before I forget what was said, because it was pure hilarity, at least to me. Maybe you had to be there, anyways....

Me: (Sleeping peacefully)
Fire Alarm: BEEP! (It's super high pitched and nails on a chalkboard annoying)
Me: (Trying to pretend I didn't just hear that beep)
Fire Alarm: BEEP!
Me: (I'll try closing the door and pretend I didn't just hear that beep)
Fire Alarm: BEEP!
Me: (Maybe if I put the pillow over my head and pretend I didn't just hear that beep)
Fire Alarm: BEEP!
Me: MICHAEL! Do you hear that beep?
Michael: Of course I hear it
Me: What the hell, seriously, what time is it?
Michael: It needs a new battery, you're supposed to change them after Daylight Savings Time
Me: Well thank you can we please just shut it up
Michael: Here's a battery
Sara: (Replaces the battery in the fire alarm in the hallway)
Sara: Yes, sleep time!
Fire Alarm: BEEP!
Sara: NOOOOOOOOO!!! Shit, it's the fire alarm in our bedroom!
Michael: Oh man, how are we going to change that
Sara: Screw this, I'm going to bed in the guest room
Sara: (takes pillow into guest room and closes door, places pillow over head)
Michael: Babe, will you come help me?
Sara: Seriously?
Michael: Get up on this stool and change the battery
Sara: Why do I have to do it?
Michael: You're smaller than I am
Sara: Great, losing weight is really paying off
Michael: Just get up there and change the battery
Fire Alarm: BEEP!
Sara: FINE!
Sara: (climbs up bar stool and stretches out arm)
Sara: Great I can't reach!
Fire Alarm: BEEP!
Michael: Stand on the dresser
Sara: Oh God
Sara: I can't get the old battery out, I just want to go to bed
Michael: Do you want me to do it?
Sara: Oh, now you offer!
Michael: Should I take a picture of this, this is totally blogworthy
Sara: Are you insane?!!!
Michael: What, you can use it for one of your pictures of the week
Sara: Michael, I only have panties and a tank top on!
Michael: So just photoshop yourself a pair of pants
Sara: I'm going to stab you, shut up, do not take a picture!
Michael: Did you get it yet?
Sara: I'm working on it
Sara: Yes, finally! It's sleep time!
Michael: Maybe we shouldn't have waited 3 years to change that battery
Sara: Yeah, probably wasn't the best idea
Michael: And we really need a taller step ladder!

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