Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, another Oktoberfest in the books! It was a great night and a great weekend. I was off on Friday so preparations were in full swing. I was in the kitchen for more than 12 hours cooking up all our favorite Oktoberfest dishes. I prepped the cake pops, whoopie pies, 3 pounders, english muffin pizzas, buffalo chicken dip and kraut. Michael came home from work in the evening and we grilled the bratwurst to get them brown but not cook them through and then we soak them in beer, butter and onions and let them soak it up all night before cooking them in the crock pot the next day. We also made apple cider donut holes late on Friday.

Michael rolling out the dough for apple cider donut holes

We crashed after a long day of getting everything ready knowing Saturday was going to be a longer day. On Saturday we got up early and went to breakfast. After breakfast we came home and prepped the rest of all of the food and final touches around the house. I made the stuffed mushrooms and rolled all the reuben egg rolls while Michael dipped the cake pops in chocolate and got all the coolers ready with pop and beer. I decorated the cake pops with ghost faces and then headed up to the shower to get ready. My parents came a little early and we just talked while Michael and I made some guacamole and got the cheese platter ready. Everyone started arriving around 3 o'clock and the food and booze started flowing! On to the pictures!

Ghost cake pops 

Table set and ready for all the delicious appetizers

Even Porkchop was decked out!

Michael and I before everyone arrived

Jacob was very vestive and adorable as always!

Look at that little face!

 Reuben eggrolls, the star of Oktoberfest!

Everyone hanging out

My cousin Chris and his wife Sara just had their little girl Ava Morgan 2 weeks ago. This was her first time out and her first party!

I was so happy we got to meet her!

She's a beauty and such a peanut

My Aunt Diane was excited to see her 4th grand baby!

Michael sporting Uncle Rick's festive German Alpine hat

Michael and Aunt Linda

Tif, Liz and Kristin

Dinner was served, brats, beans, kraut and potato salad

Food comas quickly sunk in

Baby Jacob says he's tired and needs to go home and go to bed!

The 5th annual Oktoberfest was a great success! I think everyone had a great time and I know for sure no one went home hungry! I love having this party every year. Of course it's a lot of work but we have so much fun doing it. I can't believe we've been doing it for 5 years already. It seems like yesterday I hosted the first one with 40 people crammed into my 950 square foot condo in the city! It was party one that started it all and it ended with a bang when Michael proposed to me that night. I look forward to many more Oktoberfest parties to come. 

Today we got up and went to breakfast and then did some picking up around the house. We have about 4 loads of dishes to do! We are going to just lay low and relax putting in a load of laundry or dishes in every couple hours. Tonight we are going to watch our Bears take on the Giants and hopefully remain undefeated! I am sad the weekend is almost over but it was a lot of fun. We are really looking forward to next weekend too. We are heading North to Lake Geneva and the Grand Geneva Resort. It will be nice to have a little getaway weekend and just relax and be pampered. We could use it! So lets hope this week goes by fast, at least tomorrow is already our Tuesday! Have a great rest of your Sunday everyone!

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