Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Thoughts...

1. I am so happy we had a great night's sleep last night with zero fire alarm drama!

2. I can't believe my birthday is on Saturday, and I can't believe how old I'm getting.

3. Vampire Diaries is back tonight and I'm like a giddy little girl waiting in anticipation (please ignore #2)

4. How is Christmas only 64 days away, wasn't it just June? I am pretty excited for Christmas decorating though!

5. I would love to write a book on people's habits and behavior on public transportation, it never ceases to amaze me the things people do, how they behave and the unwritten rules that exist. I have a lot of crazy train stories!

6. Public transportation observation #1: There is a lady every day on my train car that lines up and throws elbows so she's the first one out the door yet she walks slower than a 90 year old. I pass her every day when I get off the train, what is the point?

7.  I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday. I will be even happier when it's next Friday because I'm off of work.

8. We are carving pumpkins this weekend and I can't decide what design to use, there are too many templates to choose from!

9. I am loving my new morning routine since starting my new position. I love getting my workout done first thing, I feel so alert and have more energy throughout the day. It's so much better than coming home after a long day and trying to muster the motivation.

10. We are having such a beautiful Fall. The weather is definitely changing though, cooler weather is coming soon. You can smell the crispness of fallen leaves in the's my favorite time of year!

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