Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Relaxing Weekend Recap

We are back from our wonderful weekend getaway in Lake Geneva. We had such a great time as always and the weather was incredible! I never would have thought it would be 85 in October in Wisconsin! On Friday, we got up early and I got us all packed up since I hadn't done it yet. We got on the road at about 10:30. It was a beautiful drive up there. The trees are all starting to change and it made for some great scenery.

Wisconsin welcomes you!

After about an hour and 15 minutes we were rolling into town. Our first stop was some lunch at one of our favorite places, Popeye's on Lake Geneva.

After lunch we walked by the lake since it was such a beautiful day.

Me by the lake
Michael by the lake

After walking around for a bit, we made our way to the hotel to get checked in before our spa appointments in the afternoon.

The beautiful entrance to the Grand Geneva Resort property

Our room was ready so we checked in and brought our bags into our room.

Our guest room and bathroom

After getting settled in our room we headed to the spa. We had an awesome couples' massage together. It was the fastest hour! It was so relaxing. After our massages, Michael headed back to the room and I went for my next treatments, a manicure and pedicure. I was like a noodle after everything. I headed back to the room and Michael and I passed out for a few hours. After we woke up we headed down to one of the resort's bar to get some drinks and appetizers.

Michael checking out the menu

The beautiful view from the terrace

We had some appetizers and dessert instead of a big full dinner and just hung out for a few hours before calling it a night.

On Saturday we got up and headed downtown to Egg Harbor on Main Street for breakfast. We wanted to get downtown early to get a parking spot since it was Oktoberfest so we knew it would fill up fast. We had a little while before the stores opened and the festivities started so we went down by the lake to take some pictures.

The lake looked gorgeous and the trees were so vibrant

Pretty fountain by the harbor

Michael doing his "gazing into the distance" pose

After walking around for a while, all the stores were finally open and it was time to shop! They had decorated the downtown area so it was all festive for Oktoberfest, it was really pretty.

Main Street

My first stop is always the Cornerstone Shoppe, they always have really cool home decor and holiday items.

I picked up a few cute Christmas items this time.

A Frosty the Snowman hat that lights up and we are going to use it as our tree topper

A snowman ornament for my snowman tree and a "D" ornament for Dworianyn

I shopped my way up and down Main Street. We picked up some Halloween "cookies" for Porkchop at a cute pet boutique. I found a couple pairs of shoes at Nine West. I also found a cool necklace at Notice, a new boutique in Lake Geneva. 

New purple and grey suede shoes

New necklace that can also be worn as a pin

After shopping for a few hours we picked up some lunch at the Rotary booth and then headed back to the hotel. It was so nice and warm out we decided to head to the pool. It was a gorgeous day, I still couldn't believe it was 85 out in October!

Beautiful pool

Check out the view from my lounge chair

Michael enjoying the pool

After spending a few hours at the pool, we headed back to the room to relax and take a little nap. After our nap we woke up and got ready to go for dinner at the Chophouse.

Michael with his "Paddington Bear" look

 Michael and I before dinner

We had a delicious dinner at the Chophouse. I had the chophouse salad for a starter and brick chicken with green beans for dinner. Michael had shrimp cocktail for a starter and lamp chops and a baked potato for dinner. After dinner we headed to the bar to have a drink and watch the Blackhawks raise the championship banner! Unfortunately they also lost to the Red Wings. After the game we called it a night. 

Today we got up early and checked out of the hotel. They were running a special this weekend where they gave you a passport for the resort and everything you did at the hotel earned you stamps in the passport. If you got 10 stamps in your passport before checking out, you would get a $200 gift card towards your next stay. We earned those 10 stamps so when I checked us out I got our $200! Now we just need to figure out when we're going to go again. 

Driving out of the resort grounds with the sun rising

We had an amazing time at the Grand Geneva as always and can't wait to go back as soon as possible! We were on the road by 7:30 and made our way towards home. We stopped at Walker Brother's Pancake House for breakfast and got back on the road. We needed to go to my parents house to pick up Porkchop so we headed there first. We hung out for a little while and then headed home. We stopped at Michael's parents house to check on his Grandma since Michael's parents are on vacation. After stopping to see Grandma, we made our way to Rich and Tif's to see how their weekend was and to get some baby Jacob time in. I don't like to go more than a week without seeing him since he is growing and changing so fast! He had just woken up when we got there and he was a happy little guy. 

Hanging out with Uncle Kenny, mesmerized by the Bears game

After leaving Rich and Tif's we headed home and made some lunch on the grill. I got everything unpacked and laundry started. We spent most of the afternoon relaxing and watching football. I also prepped a couple dinners for this week and started Sunday dinner, figure friendly fried chicken. It was yummy, recipe coming this week!

Yummy Sunday dinner

We are going to just relax the rest of the night. We had such a great weekend, and we have another one in store next weekend. We are baby-sitting Jacob on Saturday and then on Sunday we are going to the pumpkin farm and afterward we are celebrating Michael's, Arla's and my birthday! Let's hope this week goes by fast, have a great week everyone!

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