Thursday, October 7, 2010

A conversation on packing...

While talking to Michael tonight about our weekend getaway, I was going through what I was going to pack for him to wear. He loves to make fun of me for planning such details.  This was our conversation tonight.

Me: Do you want to wear shorts or cargo khakis?
Michael: shorts please
Me: Do you want khakis for dinner on Saturday?
Michael: No I want to wear jeans
Me: Do you want to wear your new purple polo for dinner?
Michael: No I want to wear a button down
Me: I am going to bring your mock neck zip up jacket for when we sit by the fire outside
Michael: (silence)
Me: You have no idea what I'm talking about do you?
Michael: No idea
Me: I bought it for you from Old Navy it was like the Columbia one your mom bought you a few years ago
Michael: Oh yeah, I'll look very Field and Stream
Me: HA!
Me: Do you want to rock your black corduroy blazer on Saturday night?
Michael: Yeah, I'll look very Paddington Bear!
Me: Bwahahahahaha!
Michael: What, Paddington Bear is a style like Field and Stream or Calvin Klein.
Michael: Didn't Paddington Bear wear a corduroy blazer?
Me: Yes, yes he'll look very Paddington Bear!

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