Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

Whew, what a busy weekend! We had so much fun stuff going on this weekend, I could really use tomorrow to recover! On Friday, Michael picked me up from the train and we headed over to his Mom and Dad's to have dinner with them, Rich, Tif, baby Jacob and Grandma. Michael's parents had just gotten home from a week long vacation out East to Washington D.C. and Virginia. They told us all about their adventures together and we had fun listening. After dinner we just hung out and talked some more before heading home.

On Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast and then headed to the movie theater to see Jackass: 3D. It was ridiculous as to be expected and we laughed our butts off!

Michael and I in our 3D glasses waiting for the movie to start

After the movie, we headed out to lunch and to do a little shopping. I picked up a few cute new sweaters for fall and winter before we headed home. We got home and I started to do some cooking. I made a chocolate cake for Sunday and made homemade turkey meatballs and marinara sauce for dinner on Saturday. We were waiting for our nephew Jacob's arrival to baby-sit him. Rich and Tif had a family wedding so we were watching the little man for them. We had so much fun watching Jacob. He was so good is always so much fun being around. Michael and I had fun taking care of him together, we're definitely ready for one of our own! I took lots of pictures of course.

Jacob hanging out watching Penguins of Madagascar

 He really loved watching those penguins


Jacob cuddling with Uncle Michael

He even took a nice nap

Today we got up and had some breakfast and I frosted the cake for today's celebrations we were having. We were celebrating Michael's birthday that was September 23 and mine and Arla's birthday that is coming up next Saturday!

I never said I was a professional cake decorator!

Mom, Dad, Arla and Teddy headed over around noon and we headed out to Goebbert's pumpkin farm. Apparently everyone else in a 50 mile radius decided to go to because man, it was packed! We made the best of it though and started out with some lunch so at least everyone's belly was happy! After lunch we headed to animal land and then we picked out our pumpkins! We are going to carve them next weekend!

Heading into animal land

They built a new giraffe enclosure, it's pretty but you can't get nearly as close to the giraffes like we did last year. I liked the old set-up better.

That's as close as we got, hurumph!

There were lots of other cool animals though, like the zebras


Baby camel

 Michael and the straw elephant

Arla the saloon girl and Teddy the poker playing cowboy!

 The closest we got to the giraffes was this statue!

Mom and Dad and their girls

After Goebbert's we headed to dinner at Cooper's Hawk. We had a really delicious dinner and we left way too stuffed. It was so good.

Michael and I at dinner

After dinner we headed back to our house for cake and to open up birthday presents. I got an awesome tripod and remote control for my Nikon D80 from my parents and Arla and Teddy got me a storage box for my Nora Fleming holiday pieces and added some new ones to the collection. I'm a lucky girl!

 A family pic courtesy of my new tripod and remote control!

All of my Nora Fleming minis for my platter all organized now! New additions are the New Years Tiara, the cupcake and the grill. So cute, I love these!

After gifts we lit the candles on the cake to sing Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday!

Note to self: do not have Dad take pictures!

We had a really fun day together and a great weekend in general. I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday already, I could use a couple more days to rest and recoup! Let's hope this weekend goes by fast. We have a nice relaxing weekend in store next weekend. I hope all of you had a great weekend and a speedy week ahead!

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