Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our spaghetti and meatball loving mutt, Porkchop!!

If you recall, Porkchop was going to be wearing one of these costumes, but Old Navy's sizing is weird and two of the costumes did not fit right. Luckily Target has a great selection of costumes and when I saw this and found myself laughing hysterically, I knew it was the one. I bought it and brought it home and sent Michael pictures of him wearing it and I got the response, "LOL, that's hysterical, he's got balls on his head!" Poor Porkchop, I swear he is hoping we get pregnant more than we are so that there is a baby that will be subjected to the same torture!

Bumblebee Porkchop

Spider Porkchop

Captain Porkchop Sparrow

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