Friday, January 31, 2014

Kid Craft Friday: Valentine's Foam Crafts

Ethan loves crafts and really loves stickers. I was in Michael's one day getting some supplies for my Etsy store and saw a fun Valentine's foam house kit. After creating his foam igloo, I knew it would be something fun that he would enjoy. I also picked up a foam heart wreath and some glitter heart stickers to make a wreath. I love fun and easy crafts like these to keep Ethan occupied during what is quickly becoming the worst Winter ever!

First up, the foam heart wreath!


All done!

Admiring his work!

 I get to look at his masterpiece while I'm in the kitchen!

Next up was the foam Valentine house. I built the framework of the house and then let Ethan do all of the decorating with the stickers. It came out really cute and Ethan loves it! He keeps carrying it around the house and playing with it.

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