Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zoo Lights

On Saturday it was supposed to be 50 degrees so we decided to head to Brookfield Zoo for their Holiday Magic light display. We didn't think we were going to make it this year because it's been so cold. We knew it would be busy because of the weather so we got there about an hour before the light display started so we could see some animals and avoid the droves of people.

We were meeting Arla and Lily at the zoo but they were stuck in traffic to get in. So, we headed straight to the giraffes because they are Ethan's favorite and he just started saying, "giraffe," so we knew he would be excited. He loved them and kept saying, "giraffe, giraffe, giraffe." It was so cute.

After the giraffes we saw some of the other animals before meeting up with Arla and Lily.

It started getting dark so we headed to the areas where there are a lot of lights and their model railroad display. Ethan and Lily loved the choo choos!

Then we headed to the area for the light show and to get some popcorn for the show. On our way we watched the tiger who was running and jumping everywhere, it was really cool!

The kids ate their popcorn and watched the light show

After the light show we headed to our cars to make our way home. We were lucky enough to get out right away but poor Arla got stuck for an hour trying to get out of the lot. The traffic backup of people trying to get into the zoo was crazy, I read some people saying on Facebook they waited 3 hours in traffic to get there! I'm glad we went early!

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