Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Craft Project: Front Door Burlap Wreath

I had bought this custom wooden family name signs from one of my favorite daily deal sites, Jane, not really knowing what I would do with it. I thought it would look really nice in the middle of a wreath. I went to Pinterest for some wreath ideas and decided on making a burlap wreath. I had never made one before but I found a great tutorial here. All you need is a wire wreath frame and your burlap. I used an 18" wreath frame, chevron burlap for the wreath and cream burlap for the bow.

It was so easy to make. I had all the burlap pulled through in 15 minutes. 

Michael spray painted the wood sign white for me and then I put it all together and added a bow. I love the way it came out!


  1. Very pretty!!!!

    FYI - I used that same burlap chevron ribbon and it fades if you put it outside. I still have mine hanging on the front door....still looks ok, but not fresh like it did.

    Love yours!!

    1. Thank you! That's good to know about the fading. I actually have ours hanging on the inside door as of right now because of the crazy weather we are having and maybe I'll keep it inside so it doesn't fade!