Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Perfect Day

We had such a great day! We started our day at the Naples Zoo. It was a beautiful morning to walk around and check out all of the animals. The last time we were here Ethan was in my belly! Ethan had a great time looking at all of the animals and he even got to feed the giraffes. Almost all of the animals were up and out except the lions. They were doing what lions do best, sleeping! After the zoo we did some shopping and Ethan passed out in the car. It's hard work having fun at the zoo! 

We came home and had some lunch and then headed out to the pool. Ethan just loves the water. We were trying to help him float and kick with his legs to simulate swimming. I think we definitely need to get him in some swimming lessons since he loves it so much! After some swimming it was nap time for little man and Michael caught up on some work. When Ethan got up we all got showered and ready for dinner. We ate at our favorite restaurant in Naples, Sophia's. It is amazing Italian food. We love their veal parmigiana, it's amazing! It was another great day; tomorrow we are heading to the beach!

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