Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beach Baby

Today we started our morning at the South Marco Beach! It was a beautiful morning and a perfect way to start the day. The beach was pretty empty which was nice. Ethan hung out and played in the sand. He loved it, but maybe a little too much, since we had to keep him from eating the shells! We did some shelling too and found some amazing shells. They just kept washing up on the beach. It was addicting to keep walking along where the waves were crashing to see what would wash up. We stayed for a couple of hours but then we had to head back for Ethan's nap time.

Michael did some work while Ethan napped, we had lunch and we waited for Ethan to wake up. He slept over 3 hours! He finally got up so we got ready and headed over to the main resort pool. We had a blast. Ethan loved the little kiddie pool area they have. There are these coconuts that dump water on you and he loved it, he was giggling like crazy. The main pool was gorgeous and Ethan had fun floating around in his little boat too. Another great day in paradise!

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