Monday, May 20, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We finally made it home yesterday! Its always great to go away but there's just something wonderful about coming home. We left Nashville early in the morning so we could beat traffic and not get home too late. We were home by 11 am which was great so we had the rest of the day to unpack and get settled.

Ethan was so excited to be home! He was loving life being able to crawl around and play with all his toys. He didn't get to play with any of his new birthday presents before he left so we put together a bunch of his new toys and he had a ball! 

We were so excited to cook Sunday dinner too. We have been eating out so much these past two weeks it was amazing to have a nice, home cooked meal. We made zucchini stuffed chicken with sweet corn and cheesy potatoes. It was so yummy! Ethan was pretty exhausted so he went to bed early and Michael and I put together his grill he got for his birthday from Auntie Arla and Uncle Teddy. We set it all up in the kitchen with a bunch of play food so it is ready to go for him when he gets home from daycare today!

We are back to work today and it is going to be a busy week, but we have a long weekend to look forward to with Memorial Day and our 5 year wedding anniversary on Saturday! Also, I finally finished editing all of Ethan's birthday party pictures so look for some posts on that this week!

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