Monday, May 6, 2013

On the road

Well we had Ethan's birthday party yesterday, and it was amazing! I will have lots of pictures soon. After Ethan's party we cleaned everything up and then went to bed around 7 to get some sleep because we left at midnight to start our vacation road trip! We are driving to Atlanta right now and spending the night before driving to Orlando tomorrow morning. We will be in Orlando until Friday for a work conference I have to attend and then we are off to Naples for vacation!

Ethan has been awesome on the drive so far. We are currently right at the Tennessee/Georgia border. He slept until 7 this morning, had some graham crackers and milk in the car and then we stopped to have some breakfast. He took his nap right on schedule and has been watching movies ever since he woke up. He's watched Despicable Me, Tangled and Finding Nemo so far. We are so relieved he is a road tripping pro since we had no idea what to expect. He's visited 4 states now!

I will try to post a picture everyday we are gone so the blog doesn't go silent and I'm working on his party pictures too. I'll leave you with a couple pictures from his party and some road trip snapshots!

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  1. I cannot believe Ethan is 1 already! Time flies! Happy Birthday!