Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

We had a nice low-key weekend. Ethan had his 1 year check-up. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary and Michael's Mom's birthday. For Memorial Day we just hung out at home since the weather was so crappy. Last year it was 100 degrees and this year we didn't even hit 60. Ugh, Summer please hurry!

Having fun at the doctor's

And then the shots happened, little man was so sad.

Porkchop knew Ethan didn't feel well too

After Ethan's nap I took him to the park to hopefully make his day better!

I finally got to wear my new Minnie bow shoes I got in Disney!

We went to Rich and Tifs to hang out and have dinner. Makayla woke up from her nap and came and sat next to Ethan, it was so cute!

Saturday we celebrated our 5 year anniversary, there was a lot of love in the air!

We started our day with some breakfast and then went to the farmers market.

Then we dropped Ethan off at my parent's house and went to see a movie. We saw Hangover III, which we liked. It was much better than II.

We also saw this advertisement at the theaters, we can't wait to take our little man for his first movie in July!

 For our date night out we had dinner at Season's 52, which we loved!

Ethan spent the night at Grandma and Papa's and had a ball!

Sunday morning we went and had breakfast with Michael's family to celebrate his Mom's birthday!

Ethan was tuckered out and passed out on the way home

We hung out and played with Ethan most of the day and Michael brined a chicken and made beer can chicken, grilled zucchini and chopped salad for dinner. It was delicious!

On Memorial Day it was so crappy out weather wise which was a bummer. We played with Ethan, watched some movies and even though it wasn't the best weather, we still grilled and got a walk in. We made beer brats and pasta salad for dinner, it was yummy! After dinner we watched the Blackhawks beat the Red Wings and I finished a new wreath for my Etsy shop!

I hope all of you had a great Memorial Day weekend as well, here's to a short work week too!

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