Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Red Oak Nature Center

Every year I make a Summer bucket list of fun places and things I want to do with the kids during the Summer. The Red Oak Nature Center is one of the new places on the list this year. I discovered it late in the Fall last year and the weather never cooperated for us to visit. We finally got a chance to visit on Friday and it was so fun! The nature center is located in Batavia and is free to visit. The grounds are incredible. It is nestled in a forest along the Fox River, it is so peaceful and beautiful.

Inside the nature center they had a bunch of great interactive exhibits and animals. They have turtles, fish, salamanders, frogs, snakes, a bunny, mouse, and tarantula.

The center is located along the Fox River and there are a bunch of trails you can explore and they even have a natural cave! Ethan loved exploring the cave and throwing rocks in the river. We even saw two eagles sitting in a tree on the bank of the river!

We stopped and had a snack in their outdoor eating area. We were just surrounded by trees and it was so beautiful!

We walked down the trail to another park called, Lippold Park. They have a nature-themed playground and a boardwalk path that goes through a pond and wetlands area. Ethan absolutely loved this area and had so much fun running, climbing and exploring the wetlands for fish, frogs and bugs!

We found a caterpillar and Ethan held him on a stick!

The pond area was so pretty!

I think they had fun!

We absolutely loved this place and will definitely be back for additional visits this Summer!

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