Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Long Grove Strawberry Festival

This weekend we went to Long Grove for their annual strawberry festival. We had seen it featured on Food Network last year and it looked really cool we knew we wanted to go to it this year. Long Grove is such a cute old town. We had fun walking around the town, eating yummy strawberry-themed food, walking through the craft fair and of course eating strawberries!

Sofia heard strawberries and she was ready!

Such a cute little town with cobblestone and brick sidewalks.

Ethan was not in the mood for my picture-taking shenanigans!

Sofia really loved the eating part! She's enjoying some of Dado's strawberry cake doughnut here!

Mmm....more please Dado!

Ethan enjoyed all of the activities where he could run, climb and they had baggo too!

Michael found some really cute Chicago Blackhawks gear for Ethan and Sofia to wear for the upcoming season!

But I think Ethan and Sofia's absolute favorite part was eating strawberries! Between the two of them they ate almost an entire quart of strawberries, it was crazy! I couldn't cut them fast enough for them!

All that was left!

Our bounty for the rest of the week, yum!

We really enjoyed the festival. I'd like to go back when there isn't a festival to explore the town and all of the little shops further. They also have an apple fest in September that we plan on going to! It's so much fun to find new and interesting places to explore!

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