Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Our little soccer player!

Now that Ethan is 3 we are able to sign him up for park district sports and classes and the first thing we signed him up for was soccer! He has shown an interest in it since last Summer and he was so excited. The day of his first class he talked all day long at daycare about how he was going to soccer that day! I was really interested to see how he would do because he's never done an organized class or sport before. I told him he needed to listen to the coach and work together with the other kids. He did really well.

Walking into class, he was ready! Sweet photobomb by Sofia too!

Watching 3 and 4 year olds do warm ups was hilariously adorable!

Water break!

He had his second class yesterday and he did really well again. The only funny thing is that he gets hungry about half way through class and during his water break he comes over and says that he needs something to eat! I guess the combination of the class being right before dinner and all the running around combine to form extreme hunger! LOL 

Running is his favorite part!

They learned all about goalie stance this week and Ethan loved it!

It's been so much fun to see him take part in this class. He has four classes left and then it's on to trying baseball for 6 weeks!

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