Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our week in pictures: 6.7.15

1. Ethan had so much fun at Jacob's 5th birthday party!
2. Got a bike ride in on a beautiful day this week.
3. This little boy lives for swinging!
4. Daddy's girl!
5. Walking with my favorite little girl!
6. It's a busy birthday week in our family so I was a crafting fool when the kids went to sleep this week. The first project was a wooden lego tray I built for Jacob!
7. Dr. Ethan is on call!
8. This girl is always happy when she's eating!
9. My favorite nephew turned 5!
10. My smiley girl!
11. I got the most beautiful peonies from the farmers market and they lasted all week long!
12. My second craft project this week was a birthday banner for Miss Violet who turned 1 this week and who we are celebrating today!
13. My two favorite littles!
14. Blowing bubbles at daycare.
15. Grandpa and Papa came for a visit!

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