Thursday, March 26, 2015


I mentioned earlier this week that Ethan's motivation and reward for Ethan being potty trained was a scooter. He was so excited and has been having so much fun with it. He was a little tentative with it and wasn't really riding it at first. I was trying to show him how to do it but he wasn't really getting it. I pulled up a youtube video of a kid riding a scooter and showed it to him. He literally watched the video and then got on the scooter and rode it.

This is what he was doing with the scooter before he watched the video!

And after!

He has been on it almost every day since and gets better and braver each time! Here are a couple videos of him in action!

Of course, as he gets braver that means he's more likely to get hurt. He got his first road rash this past weekend. I still don't know how it happened since he's wearing a helmet, but his face got all scratched up. He took it like a champ though!

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