Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our week in pictures: 3.15.15

1. Sofia met Sophie the Giraffe and her teething gums are in love!
2. Ethan relaxing while watching some Mickey!.
3. Mmmm...puffs!
4. Sofia is obsessed with Porkchop these days!
5. Sofia met the Easter Bunny!
6. Ethan got a new scooter!
7. My loves!
8. Ethan reading his latest Ranger Rick magazine!
9. My sleeping beauty!
10. I'm getting so excited for Ethan's 3rd birthday bowling party!
11. Family pajama dog pile!
12. Playing so nice together with a new toy I brought out from Sofia's remaining Christmas presents!
13. We had 60 degree weather for a week and we broke out the Summer food! This was a BLT and balsamic cucumber tomato salad and watermelon, yum! Spring, please hurry back!
14. My beautiful little girl!

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