Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our week in pictures: 3.22.15

1. All smiles for Easter egg hunting at Grandma and Grandpa's!
2. Unfortunately it's not always smiles around here. Ethan having a tantrum in the garage because he didn't want help getting out of the car. 
3. Amazing Sunday dinner prepared by Michael with my new favorite veggie, honey balsamic brussel sprouts, yum!
4. I finally got our family gallery wall back up after the walls were painted 2 months ago!
5. Our beach vacation countdown calendar!
6. He is getting so big. For some reason being potty trained and wearing underwear makes it seem like he's 5!
7. Ethan's new hiding spot in the ottoman full of Sofia's toys!
8. My smiley girl!
9. Ethan loves accessories just like his Mama!
10. This happened again this week, let's just pretend it didn't.
11. Fun Easter crafts!
12. Saturday morning cuddles with my littles!
13. Little bunny butt!
14. She is so tall!
15. My favorites!
16. Easter cards from family have started arriving!
17. A fun new crown headband we found at a craft fair for my princess!

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