Monday, March 9, 2015

Kohl Children's Museum

Last weekend we had a fun family outing at the Kohl Children's Museum. We are members at the DuPage Children's museum but unfortunately they had a pipe burst and all three floors flooded in January, so they are closed for repairs until April. So because they are closed we can use our membership at other children's museums. We had never been to Kohl, but we will definitely be back because it was awesome! Ethan loved it and had so much fun! There were so many cool exhibits.

Surprise, surprise, this was Ethan's favorite exhibit! We could not get him out of there!

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  1. That really stinks that your childrens museum is closed, but very cool that you are able to use your membership elswhere. Looks like a great museum that you did go to! I need to take Emma to our local childrens museum in the near future! Looks like Ethan had a blast!
    Love the photo of you and Sofia!