Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Crafts

On Friday I did three fun crafts with the kids. One, we all participated in and then the rest it was just Ethan and I so we did those when Sofia was napping. Our family craft was a fun canvas with all of our fingerprints to make a carrot patch. I added pipe cleaners for the greens and painted a little bunny and added a pom pom tail.

I think it came out really cute!

The other two crafts I did with just Ethan. We painted an egg that I had put tape down to divide into sections with wet chalk. Ethan really liked this one and it looked really cool except that the tape stuck to the paper. I would use a glossy paper next time.

The last craft we did was make a bunny with a paper plate and cotton balls. Ethan loved gluing the cotton balls to the plate. I helped him make the ears and he glued all the face parts on.

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