Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our week in pictures: 2.22.15

1. Precious little baby feet
2. My mini chef making pizza zucchini boats
3. So much fun at Wild Fest
4. Sofia discovered Porkchop this week
5. Beautiful tulips from Michael
6. So much fun bowling with cousins
7. Sofia is finally sleeping without her swaddle
8. Family fun at the Kohl Children's Museum
9. Sofia passed out on the couch one morning
10. Ethan catching snowflakes in his mouth
11. Morning cuddle before school and work
11. Porkchop is over this Winter business
12. Family dog pile in Mama and Dado's bed
13. LOVE these two nuggets so much

* I apparently was not paying close attention when I made my collage because there are two number 11's, oops! Mama brain problems, LOL!


  1. Love all the pics!! Do you use picmonkey for the collage?

    1. Yeah I use picmonkey. It's my favorite site for editing, making collages and making printables.