Monday, March 16, 2015

First Trip to the Zoo!

The weather has been great the past week or so and we have been enjoying every minute of it before it's taken away! It was supposed to be 65 on Friday so I decided the zoo would be the perfect place to spend my day off with the kids. It was our first trip to the zoo this year.

Ready for the zoo!

We had to go see the giraffes first of course because they are Ethan's favorite! They must have been doing something with the giraffes because they were behind a barrier. That didn't stop Ethan from talking to the giraffes though! The next time we visit they should be outside so we'll get to see them better. 

We have to take a picture in the kangaroo each year!

Ethan requested to go see the penguins next so we headed over there and watched the penguins for a while. 

Ethan wanted a snack so we found a table in the sun to take a rest and have a snack. Ethan also took a look at the map to figure out what other animals he wanted to see. He is really into maps lately.

On our way to see other animals, Ethan spotted the playground and asked to go slide so we stopped and played for a while. Ethan had a blast on the play set!

After playing for a long time we made our way over to the other side of the zoo to see the lions, tiger, sloth bears, and snow leopards. The dolphins and seals were closed that day, which Ethan was pretty sad about.

After another stop at the playground we made our way out of the zoo, but Ethan had to take his picture on the lion statues before we left first! It was such a fun day!


  1. How fun! I so wish we lived in an area where there were things like this to do! And seriously, Sofia is probably one of the best dressed little girls ever! Where did you get her outfit she has on in this post?? I love it!

    1. We are so lucky we have a lot of fun family places to go. Sofia's outfit was from Gymboree. I bought it when I was pregnant last Summer.