Sunday, March 15, 2015

Our week in pictures: 3.8.15

1. Me and my favorite little girl!
2. Having a picnic!
3. New sunnies for Sofia!
4. Jumping for joy that we hit 60 degrees this week!
5. Love these two!
6. Fun day at the zoo with my littles!
7. Ethan got to hold a blue-tongued skink at a family party, he loved him!
8. Green day at school!
9. I got 4 runs in this week and all outside thanks to the warmer weather!
10. We grilled every night for dinner, but pita pizza night was our favorite!
11. We had a lot of fun at a very empty Shedd Aquarium!
12. Family walk time!
13. First bunch of sticks for the year!
14. Jumping fun on the trampoline with cousin Lily!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so ready to start grilling on our grill! We usually put our grill up on our porch in the winter so we can grill all winter, but we didn't this year. Spring can't come soon enough!
    Love all the pics!