Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Race Day!

I shared last month that I was training to run my first 5K race in September. Well race day was Sunday and it was a complete success! I was confident that I could go the distance and ran a 5K that week just to get another long practice run in. On race day I was so pumped and ready to get started. I have wanted to do this for so long and I was excited to meet this milestone.

We got there early to avoid the crowds and to pick up my racers packet. It was pretty surreal pinning that number on my shirt. I was still kind of shocked to actually be running a race.

We met up with Rich, Tif, Jacob, Makayla and Tif's family before the race since Tif was running too. My sister was on her way as well and Teddy decided last minute to join her and they were going to do the walk. Tif was in a faster group so she lined up and then I was in the 12 minute and slower group. Then we were off!

I started off faster than I should have but I really felt good for the majority of the race. There were a lot of runners, almost 3,600, so you had to navigate around a lot of people, but it was a really cool place to do a race. Running past all of the animals kept the time going fast.  

Running past the rhinos

Once I hit 2 miles I was cruising and it looked like I was going to have my best time yet. As I was in my last half mile all the sudden I hear, "Hey!" and it was Arla. While they were walking Teddy spotted me running and approaching the finish so they cut across the course so they could finish with me. It was awesome and such a great surprise! It was so fun to cross the finish line together. I set a new personal record for myself and shaved over 3 minutes off my best time!

Approaching the finish line so happy!

I did it, the best feeling ever!

Post race high picture with my loves!

It was a great day and such an accomplishment for me. Just 2 months ago I was struggling with 1 minute interval runs and to reach this goal just proves that with hard work and determination, I can do anything I set my mind to. Running has given me something I can challenge myself with and it has had amazing payoffs. I feel so good and I've lost over 50 pounds since my first run on June 17 and the best part is it's only the beginning. I've definitely caught the race bug and have already registered for another race! I'll be running the reindeer run on Dec. 7 in Wheaton. I'm looking at doing a turkey trot run on Thanksgiving too. My next goal is to start training for a 10K race in the Spring. I know I can do it!

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