Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Making it official

So I'm officially calling myself a runner, something I never would have thought I could become. 7 weeks ago I could barely make it through 1 minute runs and now I'm running 35 minutes in one stretch. I had tried the Couch to 5K program 2 years ago a month before starting IVF to get pregnant and had to stop when I had complications early on. I had always wanted to run a 5K race so I felt like I had unfinished business. 

I started the running program on June 17 and up until last week I was filled with doubt that I could ever run a 5K. It seemed totally unattainable, which is one of the reasons I haven't really said a whole lot about running on here. I was so afraid that I would never make it and totally fail. However, last week I deviated from the program and just went out everyday and started pushing myself to run as hard as I could for as long as I could. It's then that I really started to enjoy running and ever since then I haven't looked back.

I wanted to share this because a month ago I couldn't see how it would ever be possible that I could run 3.2 miles and now here I am doing it. So the next time you think something is impossible, try it and give yourself some time because you can do it.

I'm running my first official race on September 22 at Brookfield Zoo and I am so excited! 

Even if I'm the slowest runner there I will be so excited to cross the finish line knowing how far I've come. I will be sure to report my progress and pictures of me crossing the finish line next month!


  1. Congrats! That is exciting! :) I've wanted to start C25k for a sweet forever but I think fear is holding me back. Perhaps its time I buy a pair of running shoes.

    1. Thank you! I promise you if I can do it so can you. It's hard at first but you will be surprised how quick your body responds and builds endurance. Give it a shot!