Friday, September 27, 2013

Fall Craft Friday #4: Coffee Filter Leaves

Our last Fall Craft Friday! I've had so much fun doing a weekly craft with Ethan I'm hoping to keep it up in October with Halloween themed crafts. I'll be sure to share too. This week we made coffee filter leaves. I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest and thought it sounded easy and something Ethan could help with.

This is a really simple craft and can be made in minutes. All you need is coffee filters, markers, a spray bottle, scissors and string to hang your completed leaves.

First, you color the coffee filter with different color markers. It can be messy since it is all going to blend together. That's why this is perfect for little crafters!

Then you spray your coffee filters with water until the marker dye blends together. Or you can chew on the spray bottle like Ethan!

Then you place the wet coffee filters on some paper towels to completely dry. 

Once they are dry, I just drew some leave shapes onto the the coffee filters, cut them out and then punched a hole in the stem to hang from some string. They look really pretty in the window with the light coming in.

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