Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Zoo Trip

On Friday Ethan and I met up with my sister Arla and my niece Lily at the Brookfield Zoo. It was our first visit since Zoo Lights in December. It was a nice day and we saw lots of animals including some new babies that have been born in the past 6 months. There is a new giraffe and two new sloth bears. 

They also have a special dinosaurs exhibit this Summer that we went to. It was so cool. Lily is super into dinosaurs right now so she loved it and yelled "Roar!" everytime we saw a dinosaur. Ethan liked the dinosaurs until we went into this dark tent and they started moving a lot. He freaked a little! It was a great exhibit and I know we'll be back to see it again.

This is the guy that scared the crap out of Ethan!

When we got out of the dinosaur exhibit we were heading to the center of the park where they have a big fountain and a sign with a dinosaur to take pictures but we looked up and the skies were getting pretty dark and the wind was picking up. We decided we'd be back another day for the photo op and headed out of the park. It's a good thing we did too because the skies opened and it started pouring just as we were pulling out  of the zoo.

Even though the rain ended our day a little early, it was still a great day. I look forward to going back again soon!

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