Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a great first weekend of Summer! On Friday I started my day at 5 am in the pool getting a mile swim in before Michael and Ethan got up for the day. It's a great way to start the day!

Ethan and I met Arla and Lily at the zoo for a fun visit later on in the morning. We had a lot of fun and saw lots of animals! I will be doing a separate post tomorrow with all of our zoo pictures since I have so many. But here's a super cute preview! I've been waiting to get Ethan's picture in that pouch for a long time. He looked so cute in there with Lily!

After the zoo we came home and it was Ethan's nap time. While Ethan was napping I worked on moving things into my new craft desk. I had a lot of stuff to organize and get together. I will have the fully completed reveal this week!

Friday night we just relaxed and hung out with our favorite little man!

Saturday morning I started my day doing a run/walk while Michael and Ethan slept. 

I was planning on going to the farmer's market but just as I got finished with my workout, it started raining. When I got home I had some breakfast and both of my men woke up so it was breakfast time for them too! I made Michael peanut butter and jelly toast and Ethan seemed really interested in it so Michael gave him a bite and he loved it. So I made him his own toast and he loved it so much he wanted to wear it!

After breakfast, Ethan clearly needed a bath so it was time for a haircut and bath. Love this new bathrobe I got him too!

In the afternoon we made our way to Cantigny to meet my family for a family photo shoot. For Christmas we got my Mom a gift certificate for a family photo shoot. The only recent family photos we have are from our weddings and we thought it would be nice to have some new pictures with the grandchildren. I can't wait to see how the pictures come out. We lucked out with the weather and Cantigny always looks beautiful.

After the photo shoot we headed to White Chocolate Grill for dinner to celebrate my Dad's birthday and Father's Day. We had a yummy dinner and we gave my Dad his gifts. He got a new wallet, binoculars for my parents upcoming Alaska trip and a pair of Oakley sunglasses. We all had a great time!

After dinner we headed home to relax and watch the Blackhawks game. It was a great game and we beat Boston. Here's hoping we are hoisting that cup tonight!

Sunday we were up and out early. We headed to Whole Foods to do our grocery shopping for the week and then we had to go to IKEA to return some extra parts for my desk and pick up a few other things. While Michael was returning things, Ethan and I went exploring in the store. Ethan had fun checking out all of the cool things in the children section. He really liked the train table they had set up so I bought their little train set for him. It was a good $10 investment, he loves it! I also bought him a cute felt food set.

After some lunch and a nap we headed to the park. Ethan had a ball. He went for a ride on the swings, crawled around in the grass, played with bubbles and a ball. He had so much fun he started crying when we left!

Sunday night Michael made us a yummy Sunday dinner of bbq ribs, Italian parmesan potatoes and grilled zucchini.

It was a great weekend and I'm looking forward to getting this week over so we can have some days off work for the 4th of July holiday the following week. I hope you had a great weekend everybody!

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