Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother's Day Bricks

I realized I never had posted about the Mother's Day bricks we made for our Moms and with Father's Day approaching, I thought this could be a good gift for the dads out there too.

All of our Moms received their bricks at different times so I couldn't post pictures so the other Moms wouldn't find out! I had the idea to make bricks with the grand kids hand prints for our Moms and was just going to buy a kit from a craft store. Michael thought that they wouldn't last very long and had the idea to buy concrete patio stones and decorate them. I thought it was a great idea and my sister and Tif were both on board. Michael and I bought all of the supplies and he painted the patio stones white so we had a blank canvas to work with.

Then the fun part, decorating with the kids! I didn't know how this part would go, but it was actually really fun and the kids loved it. Luckily they all do crafts a lot so they were pros. The bigger kids painted their bricks first and then added their footprints and hand prints. Once they were done with their painting, we added glass gems to the top for some extra decoration.

They came out great and we were really happy with the finished product. We all made a set for our own houses and I was so glad we did.  All of the moms loved the bricks like we knew they would too!

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