Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New DIY House Project: Landing Craft Space

So I mentioned in our weekend recap that we were starting a new diy project. We usually do one big project around the house every year. So this year we are building out a desk on our landing area going upstairs. One of our neighbors who has the same model of house as us did it a few years ago and we've been talking about doing it too for a while.

Now with me starting a crafting business on the side Michael wanted to create a space that was just for me. Ethan's nursery used to be my craft room so when we made his nursery, all of my crafting supplies got put in tubs and stashed throughout the house. It takes me forever to find things when I want to do a craft project. Now I'll have all kinds of storage and a big work surface. I'm so excited!


Right now it's a bench and totally unused space except for housing our travel wall. The desk space will basically be replacing where the bench is now. 

This past weekend, Michael started demo. He ripped out the bench, took down the pictures and pulled up the carpet. It's looking pretty rough right now but it won't take long to make it all come together.

So the plan is to have base cabinets with drawers, a butcher block wood top and then wall cabinets and shelves mounted on the wall. I'm already planning how everything is going to be organized in my head!

We got the cabinets from IKEA. They are economical and they come with a 25 year guarantee. They get good reviews as well. We went to the store this weekend and picked everything out.

These are the base cabinets, they won't have the weird silver stick legs. They also will have handles.

On the wall will be two cabinets and then a shelf in the center.

Now we just have to put everything together. It's a lot of boxes for 4 cabinets!

But luckily Michael is a machine and he got the middle shelf and two upper cabinets done during the Blackhawks game on Sunday. We just have the base cabinets to finish up this week.

We are ripping up the carpet on the landing and replacing it with wood floor so that a desk chair can roll around easily. We picked up the wood floor this past weekend. We picked a beautiful Brazilian cherry.

The floor is most likely going in next week and Michael and his dad put in some additional electrical outlets above the desk space. 

We will have some drywall patching and painting to do but hopefully we will be installing the cabinets next weekend. I can't wait for it to be finished and start moving all of my craft supplies in, organize everything and get to work! 

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