Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ethan's World: 13 Months

I can't believe you are already 13 months little man! It seems like we just had your birthday party yesterday. We have done a lot since you turned a year. You have officially become a road trip warrior after traveling through 6 states and surviving more than 40 hours in the car on our first family vacation. You were beyond amazing! You just sat in back watching movies, took your naps right on schedule and kept us smiling the whole way. 

We also discovered that you are completely obsessed with Despicable Me. I think Daddy and I have watched/heard that movie at least 50 times now. We're pretty excited there is a sequel coming out in a few weeks and we are going to take you to see it for your first visit to the movies!

Besides falling in love with Despicable Me this month, you fell in love with swimming and the beach on vacation. You are a total water baby and you loved every minute in the pool. You also loved making your first trip to Disney World! I know you won't remember it, but you loved it. You didn't know where to look but you kept looking in every direction so you didn't miss a thing. You soaked up every ride studying what was going on and you just had pure joy on your face. I'm so excited to bring you back next year when you are bigger and will appreciate it even more!

Some milestones you have hit, well just a few days ago you took your first 3 steps! Daddy and I were in your room right after you woke up and Daddy was sitting in your chair and he turned you around and said, "Go to Mama." You walked over to me like you had done it a million times before, it was crazy! You have not taking any steps since then but we know it is right around the corner. You are starting to stand on your own without holding anything at 10 second intervals too. Another thing you have started doing is this crazy yoga pose. It is hilarious! It's like you are trying to stand up and start walking but you can't get your head off the floor!

You have 2 new toys that you are loving right now, one is your smart trike that you got from Grandma and Grandpa for your birthday. We go for a walk in it almost every day depending on the weather. You absolutely love it. You also got an amazing new kitchen from your Daddy. He saw how crazy you were for your play food so he jumped the gun and purchased your Christmas present 6 months early!You play with it every day and will play with it for hours at a time. It has saved me from little hands hanging on my pants while I'm trying to cook in my own kitchen! You just love to play in general. You play non-stop during your waking hours. You are so good at playing independently too if Daddy and I have to do something.

You are getting 4 upper teeth right now. They haven't bothered you as much as your two front teeth did, but they aren't all the way through yet. At your 12 month check up you weighed 25 and a half pounds and you are just under 34 inches tall. You are officially the size of a 2 year old on the charts. The doctor said you are growing great and developing perfectly. You had a rough time with your shots this month we felt so bad for you. You had a fever for 5 days, it was crazy. You had never had a reaction like that before. Luckily we are in the home stretch of shots every few months. I can't wait! 

You added a few new words this month. You can say: Dada, Mama, dog, ball, bye bye, oh no, uh oh, nana, go, yeah. You will try to say words we ask you to as well. You are close to being able to say "bubbles," probably because you love them so much!

Sleep is still amazing, you sleep at least 12 hours a night with 4-5 hours of naps during the day. You need your sleep and that is fine with us because you are so happy when you are awake it must work! I don't see you going to one nap anytime soon. 

Food is sometimes challenging, one day you love something and then I make it for you again and you won't eat it. However you still love yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and bananas and have them every day. You are also starting to love oranges. You still hate sweets but I'm not complaining. You love your whole milk and drink about 3 cups a day. You have been off bottles for about 6 weeks now and its great and you are a pro with your cups. You start and end your day in your beanbag from Grandpa and Grandma with your cup of milk. You love it!

You are just so much fun right now. Every month with you is my favorite but every day you learn more, understand more, talk more and it is just so exciting to watch. Daddy and I look at each other at least once a day and say, "how did we get so lucky, we have the coolest kid ever." And you are, you are the light of our day and the joy in our lives. We love you so much and we can't wait to see what you are up to in a month's time!

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