Monday, December 8, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 8 - Winter Wonderland

Saturday night we headed North to Vernon Hills for some more Christmas fun for the Winter Wonderland drive through light display. We took Ethan last year and he really liked it but he is a year older and obsessed with Christmas lights so we knew he would love it! 

First we headed to our favorite sushi place for dinner, yum!

After dinner we stopped at Starbucks for some hot cocoa and headed to the light display.

Once we got onto the grounds, I let Ethan out of his car seat so he could sit in front with me so he could see the lights better. He absolutely loved all of the lights. It was so much fun listening to him call out all of the things we he was seeing. 

The lights were beautiful and Ethan absolutely loved it! I love this tradition and it keeps getting more and more fun each year!

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  1. Looks like a great evening! Love love love me some sushi =) And Starbucks too =) Glad you guys had a great evening!!