Thursday, December 11, 2014

25 Days of Christmas: Day 11 - Ethan and Sofia's Wish Lists

Ethan and Sofia have their wish lists all ready! I picked up these super cute wish list holders at a craft fair and love that we can post their lists to them every year! The past couple of years we have gone a little crazy with buying Ethan gifts to only end up donating or selling 75% of it a year later. We wanted to pull back and really hone in on what he truly loves and plays with the most. Here are the things that Santa, our families and we will be gifting to Ethan and Sofia this year:


Ethan loves playing games so we found a few toddler friendly games that I know he is going to love and will help us survive the Winter. He is obsessed with books so there were a lot of books on his list, they are all ocean, construction, train and dinosaur themed. He is also getting a LeapPad, so he will have access to more books on there. He loves puzzles so we asked for some harder ones to challenge him this year. Ethan's favorite toy to this day remains his Thomas trains and train table so he is getting some new accessories for his tracks. He is still loving dinosaurs and we found these cool dinosaurs that transform into cars. When we were on vacation this year he fell in love with the air hockey table in the arcade so we found this cool tabletop one that will be awesome to play with all Winter long and doesn't take up much space. If you ask Ethan what he is going to ask Santa for he will either say "a dump truck" or "a garbage truck," depending on the day. He already has a dump truck so I found him a really cool working garbage truck to have Santa bring!


Sofia is only 2 months old so obviously her list is a little different since she is so little. It will also be a long time before she gets gifts again for her birthday so we wanted to get her some things she can use now and things she can grow into over the next year. The big item is a jumping activity center. We borrowed one for Ethan and gave it back and he loved it so we thought it would be a perfect gift we can get months of use out of. We have some of Ethan's baby toys left like stacking rings and blocks but we thought it would be fun to have some toys just for Sofia so she is getting the purse, picnic basket, block tower, princess mirror and crawling Minnie. I think she'll be able to play with most of these for well over a year so it will be perfect. For things she can use now, she's getting some teething toys, pacifier, mermaid music wand, and books. We have a lot of books from Ethan but I still wanted to get her some of her own to start her own library!

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