Thursday, June 2, 2011

Things I'm loving: May

 It was so nice to get away for 12 days this month. We really needed it. We had beautiful weather and had a fantastic time. Now we just need to work hard so we can plan our next trip!

Fun Souvenirs
One of the best parts of any trip is shopping for some fun souvenirs! I love all of the fun stuff we found this trip!
Planting our garden
 We love growing fresh herbs and veggies every year. This year we got an early start in May so I'm hoping we will have a bountiful harvest in a couple of months. I love being able to just walk out on the deck and grab some fresh herbs or some veggies!

Wheaton French Market
 As much as we love growing our veggies, we can't grow everything we need so luckily we have the Wheaton French Market close by. I just love getting super fresh produce. We are loving going to this market every Saturday. It's become part of our weekend routine. It's better for us, we're supporting local farmers and its very economical compared to the price of organic produce at the stores. 

Our Anniversary
  Of course my favorite thing in May has to be our anniversary! I'm such a lucky girl to be married to this man.

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