Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our week in pictures: 6/5 - 6/11

Sunday, June 5: My fisherman is home!

Monday, June 6: Nothing like fresh caught fish, yum!

Tuesday, June 7: Tif sent me the cutest picture of Jacob while I was at work today. He was modeling a swim outfit we bought him for Easter. How cute is my nephew?

Wednesday, June 8: Porkchop loved those hot days we had earlier this week. Michael couldn't believe he wanted to sit out on the sunny deck when it was almost 100 degrees!

Thursday, June 9: We had dinner with Rich and Tif and got to see Jacob. He kept us very entertained!

Friday, June 10: Michael channeled his inner woodworker making some new work benches for the garage.

Saturday, June 11: Jacob's 1st birthday presents are all wrapped and ready for his big party today!

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