Monday, June 20, 2011

Project: Closet Makeover

I mentioned in our weekend recap last weekend that we wanted to re-do our master closet. After my side collapsed, it gave us a reason to re-do the whole thing. We haven't done a project around the house in a while, so I'm excited to tackle our closet.

Here is what the closet looked like before.

 Then this happened...

Hopefully in a few weeks it will look like this! This set-up will be on my side, but it will have double hanging on both ends.

 Michael's side will look like this.

 I'm also upgrading the light in there. I wanted a chandelier, but the ceiling isn't high enough. But I found a pretty, elegant light which is much better that the plain builder stock light in there now.

We have everything bought, and will hopefully be able to start on it this weekend. I will definitely have an update with pictures when we get it all installed. Hopefully we will knock it out in one weekend. I need to do a major clean out of clothes though first. Nothing is going back in that we don't currently wear!

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